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The Chosen Doc Series

Jonathan And Jesus

J&J is a 4 part documentary series currently on Prime Video in the United States. Anthem produced this series for and with The Chosen TV series and Lionsgate films (distribution partner).  It explores the unusual and particularly unique experience of actor Jonathan Roumie as he plays Jesus to hundreds of millions of people in one of the largest TV shows on the planet, The Chosen.

Key Credits

Executive Producer
Mark Watt, Daniel Stewart, Jonathan Roumie, Dallas Jenkins, Brad Pelo

Dylan Jenkinson, Josh Huculiak, Gordie Cochrane, Katherine Warnock

Daniel Stewart

Mark Watt, Daniel Stewart, Dylan Jenkinson, Jason Ballard

Darryl Augustine

Post Supervisor
Ryan Schroeder

Story Support
Erin Reid

“Mark[Anthem] is that rare but wonderful beast who is absolutely relentless in pursuing the best idea while also collaborating with grace and humility.”

—  Dallas Jenkins, Creator/Director “The Chosen”