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Caregivers Alberta

The Caregiver

“The Caregiver” is a ten part series produced by Anthem Creative. It explores the unexpected ways that some are thrust into caregiving and the emotional and daily challenges they face when caring for a loved one. In conjunction with Caregivers Alberta, the series aims to bring awareness and strategies when navigating the complexities of daily caregiving.”

Film Credits

Executive Producer
Mark Watt, Graeme Watt, Nicole Dunsdon

Tyler Ferguson, Leks Metcalfe

Story Producer
Erin Reid
David Ovelson

David Ovelson

David Ovelson

“B” Camera Operator
Jake Moffat

Additional Camera Operator
Tyler Ferguson, Leks Metcalfe

Production Coordinator
Leks Metcalfe, Becky Payne

Post Supervisor
David Ovelson

GFX Design
Morgan Stobbe

Editor and Colorist
David Ovelson

The name of the organization – Anthem Creative – is no coincidence. They truly do create. What they do goes beyond professional objectives. It’s art. And every piece of work is a heartfelt anthem sung to the world at the top of their lungs.

— Nicole Dunsdon, Manager, Marketing and Communication