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Caregivers Alberta

Who Cares?

Caregivers approached Anthem with a specific mandate to increase awareness of their services with unpaid caregivers and the general public in Alberta. To accomplish this, we crafted a 3 week digital nomination campaign driven by emotionally charged video ads asking Albertans to identify and nominate the caregivers in their lives to win a Fairmont getaway prize package.

What did we do?







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Nomination Campaign

Increasing Reach

The campaign was a huge success and received an average of 600+ nominations/day during our active ad push. This simple campaign more than doubled the size of Caregivers Alberta’s caregiver contact database and has given them thousands of new warm contacts to nurture for donation appeals. 

Project Impact

Introducing the right incentivized campaign while caring for the sensitive nuances of this space was fundamental to the results and impact we were able to achieve together. 

Caregivers Nominated


New Leads


Number of Clicks


Page Conversion Rate


Nomination Campaign

Repeat what works

Due to the success of this campaign we have decided to make Who Cares an annual campaign.

The name of the organization – Anthem Creative – is no coincidence. They truly do create. What they do goes beyond professional objectives. It’s art. And every piece of work is a heartfelt anthem sung to the world at the top of their lungs.

— Nicole Dunsdon, Manager, Marketing and Communications